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Yunjiao Chai

UX Designer

Phone: (917) 562 3365

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"Where Creativity Meets Functionality: A Journey Through My UX Wonderland!"


About Me.

"Hello, Internet dwellers! Here's the deal about me: I'm a proud MPS student at Cornell University, fine-tuning my wizardry in UX Design. I'm a tech-loving designer, committed to turning the digital world into a user-friendly utopia. From 'Designing Technology for Social Impact' to 'Visual Data Analytics', my coursework has been more colorful than a chameleon on a smart LED display. I'm always on the lookout for the next big thing in design trends - basically, my version of a Netflix binge!

A fan of rapid prototyping, I turn espresso shots into wireframes and user flows faster than you can say 'iteration'. I'm now on the hunt for a full-time role where my passion for UX Design and knack for innovation can come together to create something exceptional.

In a nutshell, I'm a lifelong learner, UX enthusiast, tech aficionado, and strong believer in the power of well-designed toast notifications! Let's connect, share a virtual coffee, and explore the digital future together. Looking forward to crafting user experiences that make the web a happier place!"



B.S. in Information Mgmt & Tech
Minor: Finance

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY


M.S. in Computer Information Science

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Experience & Project

"Roll up your sleeves and put on your 3D glasses, because you're about to dive into the whirlwind adventure that is my Experience & Projects section!

Here, you'll discover how I've put my UX prowess to the test, spun the wheels of creativity, and delivered on some of the most unique design challenges out there. It's like stepping into a theme park where each ride is a different project I've worked on, and instead of popcorn, we've got wireframes, user personas, and usability tests!

From theoretical foundations laid at Cornell to the hands-on grist of real-world projects, this journey is as eclectic as it is enlightening. So buckle up, hold on to your mouse, and let's embark on this UX roller coaster ride together!"

Jan - May 2022

UX Designer

Cornell University Flory’s Garden

  • Conducted comprehensive user research through in-person interviews and online surveys, effectively identified user personas and their respective goals to inform design decisions better

  • Analyzed user requirements and created high-fidelity designs using Figma. Deeply understood user needs, and implemented information architecture and workflows. Built prototypes and conducted usability tests, built pages using Vue3

  • Delivered exceptional design assets to the engineering team, accompanied by clear guidance to guarantee a thorough understanding of all design aspects and seamless implementation

  • Successfully launched the app, and showcased product features to diverse audiences through compelling presentations. Enhanced understanding and application of the product through team collaboration

Aug 2022 - Jan 2023

Teaching Assistant

Cornell University

  • Provided valuable assistance in teaching INFO5440 App Design and Prototyping, ensuring a positive learning experience for students

  • Actively supported multiple student teams with user research, design, and prototyping, facilitated their progress and enhanced their understanding of key concepts

Jan - May 2022

UX Designer

QL2:Data Analysis

  • Collaborated closely with research and engineering teams, brainstorming and co-creating innovative ideas for a user-friendly flight price trend panel. Facilitated open communication, encouraging all team members to contribute their ideas and insights.

  • Nurtured a cooperative environment, allowing for efficient problem-solving and solution implementation
    Achieved successful product design and persuasive presentations through effective communication, iterative refinement, and strong teamwork

Jun - Sept 2021

UX Designer

China College Students' 'Internet+'Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

  • Conducted comprehensive user surveys, gathering valuable insights to inform the design process

  • Presented project at a competition, utilizing compelling storytelling and visualization techniques to convey the project's value and potential. Delivered a clear, engaging narrative, highlighting the project's innovative elements and overall impact. Guided the audience through our journey, effectively demonstrating the project's strengths and achievements.

  • Actively participated in a prestigious design competition, ultimately securing a provincial project award for outstanding performance and innovation

Jul - Aug 2018

Propaganda Designer Intern

Fuming Real Estate

  • Improved the user interface design for holiday programs
    Transformed the user interface with a user-centric design approach, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functional ease
    Ensured a festive, engaging experience for users, contributing to increased user satisfaction and positive feedback


"Alright folks, prepare yourselves for the grand tour of my personal toolkit, or as I like to call it: 'The UX Designer's Ultimate Utility Belt'!


Interaction design
User research
Usability testing





Creative Suite















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